CULLINAN company is in business of producing commemorative medals, which are later sold through the means of vending machines of our own making, since the year 2000.

Our company is a traditional manufacturer of commemorative medals made from noble metal called Nordic Gold and of automated vending machines used for selling of already mentioned coins/medals from the Hardox material. What is the difference between a coin and a medal? Coin is a label for currency with a certain nominal value! Medal is an object that does not represent any currency, but can have a certain collectible value, or a financial value given to it by the hallmarking act. The term „commemorative medal“ is therefore not just a randomly assigned name, as it is exactly the right name for such a product.

The manufacture of vending machines is provided to us by the MOD Elektronic company based in Nově Město na Moravě.The technical solution is registered at the Office of Industrial property. The products have an IP43 cover and they are certified for use in exteriors in the member states of EU.

Medal vending machines are made from Swedish hardened sheet metal HARDOX, which is durable against scraping and has a high firmness. This metal is also used in the making of bodies of trucks or freight containers. Thanks to the used materials, these machines exceed the usual life span of depreciation class 2 even in extreme climatic conditions.

We do not sell our machines, we lease them instead. Refilling of vending machines is secured by the operator and the owner secures routine maintenance and 48 hour service.

We make our vending machines in 3 primary designs:

  1. Coin vending machines
  2. Bank note vending machines
  3. Interactive vending machines

Concept of HW solution uses components of slot machines from gambling industry. We use exclusively verified components made in Germany, Netherlands and England.

SW solution is our intellectual property supported by remote supervision over the internet with the use of Mydlink application. The machines have some cons thanks to their simple construction solution as well. They don’t change or return money. The main reason we do not support the returning of money is the security and size of the machine. Magazine for the return of overpayment works gravitationally, which would certainly increase the height of the machine and necessary reserve of small change would worsen then insurance conditions.

In the selling of our products we work with the price, that does not necessarily require returning of overpayment. The machines have next to the usual document of conformity also an IP43 certificate issued by The Government testing laboratory of machines. Our machines are capable to work with complementary device without warranty in temperatures from -35 to +55 degrees Celsius and in -20 to +40 degrees with warranty. We have installations in many places, such as places beyond Kavkaz and on Apennine Peninsula.


Vending machines technical specifications: here

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Interactive vending machines galery: here

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