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CULLINAN company is in business of producing commemorative medals/coins, which are later sold through the means of vending machines of our own making, since the year 2000. Our Cullinan medals are distinguishable. They differ from other coins by their minting method and material used in the process. The coin is 3mm thick and its embossment is plastic.

Cullinan is a Czech manufacturer of commemorative medals/coins made from noble metal called Nordic Gold. The Nordic Gold alloy with designation of CuAl5Zn5Sn1 doesn’t contain any precious metals, nor hypoallergenic metals and thanks to its antiseptic properties is being used to manufacture Euro currency coins of 0.10 / 0.20 / 0.50 value.

>Our graphic designs are made using traditional methods by renowned artists, who are also working for Czech National Bank. We mint our commemorative medals in 3D format at Czech mint located in Jablonec nad Nisou, where Czech currency coins are being minted as well. What is the difference between a coin and a medal? Coin is a term for currency with a certain nominal value! Medal is an object that does not represent any currency, but can have a certain collectible value, or a financial value given to it by the hallmarking act. The term „commemorative medal“ is therefore not just a randomly assigned name, as it is exactly the right name for such a product.

Commemorative medals are not just a sought for collectibles with an artistic value, but also a form of an advertisement, that is bound to the place where it was sold. On one side of the coin is usually depicted a place or an object of remembrance, e.g. Karlštejn, a Dinosaur etc., on the other side of the coin is usually a logo of the place where the coin was sold. Cullinan company is selling commemorative medals in vending machines under the NAŠE ZOO brand. Given some exceptions we have points of sale in all zoos, animal parks and Dino parks throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our vending machines are located at some touristic places of interest as well.

>Cullinan is also a manufacturer and distributor of certified IP43 vending machines approved even for use in exteriors. The machine is an autonomous technology, capable of receiving coins of different currencies. Our vending machines can be fixed onto a wall or placed on their own stand, connected to an 230V/50Hz outlet with 6A protection. The machine that is fixed onto a wall is 70/35 cm and the one standing is 30/40. Our machines accept euro coins and coins of countries we have business relations with. In the last few years we manufacture especially interactive vending machines for zoos. These vending machines can talk, sing or even splash water around them.

We offer cooperation when it comes to selling commemorative medals through our vending machines. If you can deliver a sufficient point of sale and customers as well, then we will deliver the goods – commemorative medals and the technology. The profits from sales will be shared evenly. If you are interested in our offer, we would be honoured to see your point of sale and bring forward our offer of cooperation.

Radka Krejcarová



DinnoPark Alicante
DinoPark Bydgoszcz
DinoPark Bratislava
DinoPark Košice
DinoPark Liberec
DinoPark Orlová
DinoPark Plzeň
DinoPark Praha
DinoPark Vyškov
Statek u Merlina
ZOO Bojnice
ZOO Bratislava
ZOO Brno
ZOO Bydgoszcz
ZOO Děčín
ZOO Dvorec
ZOO Dvůr Králové
ZOO Hodonín
Zoopark Na Hrádečku
ZOO Chleby
ZOO Chomutov
ZOO Jihlava
ZOO Kaliningrad
ZOO Kazaň
ZOO Košice
ZOO Liberec
ZOO Limpopo
ZOO Łodž
ZOO Moskva
ZOO Olomouc
ZOO Opole
ZOO Ostrava
ZOO Płock
ZOO Plzeň
ZOO Poznan
ZOO Spišská Nová Ves
Zoopark Stropkov
Parazoo Vlašim
ZOO Vyškov
ZOO Warszawa
ZOO Wrocław
ZOO Zlín
Hrad Karlštejn
Pražský Hrad
Propast Macocha
Letiště Václava Havla

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