Cullinan commemorative medals are made from material called Nordic Gold.

Medals are minted at mint in Jablonec nad Nisou, with the measurements used being 30/3 mm weighing 14 grams

Graphic designs are made by academic sculptors Majka Wichnerová and Vladimír Oppl.

Nordic Gold material is a special alloy of copper with lesser amount of zinc, aluminium and tin with the designation of CuAl5Zn5Sn1 (exact composition is 89% copper, 5% zinc, 1% tin). This alloy was developer in the 80s for the Swedish mint and to this day it is being used in the making of Swedish coin of „10 crowns“ value. The name Nordic Gold comes exactly from these Swedish roots. In reality, this alloy does not contain any precious metals though.

For its great attributes it has also been selected as a minting material of 10, 20, 50 Euro cent coins. The alloy was developed with many features that predestine it for use in the making of coins.It has a beautiful golden colour, it is resistant enough against oxidation and changing of colour, while being easily workable in the process of minting. Thanks to its content of copper this alloy has antiseptic properties, which is important as coins are being passed through hundreds of hands a day. Last but not least, it does not cause any allergic reactions, contrary to the coins made from others minting metals.

Výroba medaile Výroba medaile

Behind every commemorative medal is a personality of academic sculptors Majka Wichnerová and Vladimír Oppl. Both having their own unique artistic style. First the artists make a draft of a commemorative medal on paper. After the draft is approved, it is made into a plaster model. This technique is used especially by artists who master the engraving procedures. While working, it is necessary to have in mind the depth of the future embossment and to mirror it.Plaster cast with the usual diameter of 20 cm is then worked into a digital 3D form by laser scan. This procedure is unique, and it is not possible to confuse it with another procedure. Thanks to this technology, all the Cullinan commemorative medals are 3D minted

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