Mission of ZOO

Progress cannot be stopped, but its growth shouldn’t be at the expense of natural heritage. As a consequence of human activity, new parts of natural environment are explored, that were inaccessible before. Most of the newly found species will immediately enter the list of endangered ones. Main mission of the zoos is to keep the biological diversity in the interests of full-fledged evolution of future generations.

Our Mission

Our goal is to secure enough financial resources for support of breeding of certain species. We organize the selling of commemorative coins – medals in zoos, through the means of automated vending machines. Commemorative medal is a sought for keepsake with an artistic value. By buying one, you will not only have a memory of an experience, but it is also a form of financial support for zoos in their work.

About us

Our company is a manufacturer of commemorative medals and vending machines with a fifteen years old tradition. Our designs of commemorative medals are made by academic sculptor Majka Wichnerová, who cooperates with Czech National Bank.

We are the only ones who mint commemorative medals in Czech mint in Jablonec nad Nisou from antiallergic material Nordic Gold, from which EURO coins of 0,10 – 0,20 – 0,50 value are being made. The vending machines are Czech-made with the IP43 certificate, which gives us the opportunity to place the machines in exteriors. Unlike the competition, we offer even coloured medals and interactive machines, which talk after buying a medal and in summer months they splash water around them. In the long term we provide the sales of commemorative medals through the means of vending machines in zoos and Dino Parks throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Russia.

The list of all points of sale and list of all commemorative medals can be found in the folder „Commemorative medals“ and „Points of sale“. We are sorry, but we do not offer the sale of commemorative medals over e-shop. We are constantly looking for new ideas, possibilities, opportunities and points of sale. In case of any questions or recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us over mail: cullinan@cullinan.cz Radka Krejcarová.

Radka Krejcarová

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